Are Active Retirement Communities Better Than At-Home Health Care Options?

Posted on 05/21/2021

It’s difficult to know when the time is right to bring in extra help to care for yourself or a loved one. Whether you need day-to-day help or round-the-clock care, how you achieve this extra help is a big decision. Do you want to bring caretakers into your home or find the best opportunity for assisted living in an active retirement community?

While both options have pros and cons to consider, many find the benefits of moving to a luxury retirement community with senior healthcare options better suit their needs. If you find yourself in the midst of deciding which healthcare option to move forward with, keep reading to learn why a senior living community with assisted living can be the better option for you.

Find a sense of community within the retirement community.

It’s no secret that the older we get, the harder it is to make new friends and maintain existing friendships. People move, everyone is used to their routines and gets too busy to check in with one another, and the opportunity to find new friends diminishes. On the other hand, families may be busy with school or shuttling kids around to extracurricular activities or not live in the area anymore.

Without these interactions, loneliness creeps in. Reports have shown that loneliness and social isolation can put seniors at greater risk for dementia, depression, anxiety, and other physical health conditions.

While home healthcare workers provide some level of social interaction, living in a retirement community with an active social calendar, even for those in assisted living, will provide unending opportunities for engaging with others, allowing you to build a community when and how you want. It’s easier to find others with similar interests, enjoy meals one-on-one or in a group setting, and even just sit and visit together when everyone is just a short stroll away.

Social interaction is a large part of what makes us human, and that continues into our retirement years. Finding a community of friends you enjoy being around is important for your mental health, and what better place to find them than next door or down the hall from your home.

Maintain a Sense of Independence

When we’re young, we gain more and more independence as we grow. When we reach our senior years, it can be hard to lose some of that sense of independence. While staying at home with some level of caretaker stopping in to help may seem like a more independent option, that’s not always the best option.

For someone who needs additional assistance with bathing, dressing, continence care, or more, living at home can limit you to home more frequently. Homes are usually not equipped to work with someone who needs extra assistance. Bathrooms are usually missing handles or bars for helping seniors sit and stand or stay upright in a shower. Doorways are typically too narrow for a wheelchair to fit through, and stairs are often dangerous to navigate. To put it simply, homes are not built to help seniors maintain their mobility.

Living in a resort-style retirement community opens up the opportunities to maintain independence since the community is built with challenges seniors face in mind. While there are caretakers around to help, seniors can also make their way to different dining rooms, community activity rooms, or outside for a stroll.

Use Transportation

Whether by personal choice or doctor recommendations, driving somewhere when we want becomes a notion of the past as we age. It can be stressful when cars are zooming past you speeding and swerving in and out of traffic. This leaves seniors to rely on friends, family, and expensive outside services to get somewhere, which can then further lead to isolation and loneliness.

When you live in an active adult retirement community, transportation services are available to get you around the neighborhood or on community-sponsored trips. 

Improved Safety and Security

Oftentimes, home healthcare workers are brought in to help keep you safe. If you don’t have around-the-clock care, there’s still a chance you could fall, have a health emergency, or leave on a stove or appliance when someone isn’t there to help you.

When living in a retirement community with assisted living care options, caretakers are around at all times in the event something happens. If there is ever a crisis, they can be there at a moment’s notice to help. If the crisis is a health emergency, they can get the appropriate help -whether that’s on-site or at a nearby healthcare facility.

Living in a luxury assisted living community means residents have access to the technology and care needed to protect themselves.

Resort-style Amenities

Does your home have luxury amenities for you to indulge in? Home healthcare workers are there to provide care, not pamper you.

Living in a luxury senior living community means having access to resort-style amenities that are easy to get to.

Do you enjoy social activities? There is a full events calendar for residents, including afternoon tea, wine tastings, movie nights, mixers, and more available in luxury retirement living. You’ll also see regular friends and family nights, so your loved ones can take part in some of these activities as well.

Want to get outside? Enjoy time on a patio or balcony, take a stroll around the community on beautiful talking paths, or relax in the pool or jacuzzi.

Do you love to cook? Take advantage of the spacious kitchen finished with luxurious details in your home. Or, take a night off and enjoy gourmet dining at one of the many options for eating within the luxury senior community. You can even get your food to-go and eat in peace and quiet in your home.

In need of some pampering? Get your hair done or your nails painted at the on-site day spa.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

When you receive care at home, your options for staying active are limited. Maintaining an active lifestyle through retirement is crucial for your mental and physical health. Regular physical activity can increase mobility and decrease aches, pains, and the chance for serious health problems down the road.

Living in a luxury active senior living community means having access to a high-end gym, a wide variety of fitness classes, and a luxurious swimming pool for low-impact workouts. The best retirement communities are concerned with providing residents a well-rounded fitness program so they can choose when and how they get their physical activity in each day.

Consistent and Continued Care

Staying at home while you age may seem like the most comfortable option; however, this gets trickier as care needs increase. There may come a time when you have to be moved to a retirement living community for more advanced care, which means adjusting to even more change.

When you live in an active senior living community, you have options for increasing your level of care. If you do need to change homes, it’s within the same community instead of adjusting to a completely new environment.

Many times, retirees start with the independent living option in their luxury retirement community, then transition to assisted living or even memory care if needed.

More Care Options and Services

When you’re researching home care versus a retirement community, consider the experience level of the caregivers working with you or your loved ones. Oftentimes, caregivers in retirement communities possess more experience and updated care education than those working in-home healthcare. In addition, caregivers in a retirement community work as a team, combining their skills and knowledge to better care for each resident.

When there is a team available to help, you’re not stuck with someone you don’t get along with all of the time and there are plenty of compassionate faces around to help if you need assistance.

Make the Move to a Luxury Senior Living Community

If you’re ready to spend more time living like every day is a vacation, choose to live in a resort-inspired retirement community. You’ll have access to consistent care with the option for increased assistance, luxury amenities, gourmet dining, and opportunities to build new friendships just steps outside your door.

Choose the life you want to live.

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