How a Holistic Health Approach Drives an Active Retirement

Posted on 05/14/2021

There's this outdated mindset that health and wellness is a 'young person's topic;' that staying active and healthy in our retirement years is pointless. This frame of mind couldn't be more wrong.

Living a well-rounded lifestyle, including maintaining a balanced diet, physical activity, and mental exercises hold many benefits for senior adults. Finding an active retirement community that supports a holistic health approach is essential for keeping retirees moving and sharp for longer. In this article, we'll cover the top reasons to keep up with physical activity and on top of health for seniors.

1. Decreased Chance of Being Sick

Being sick is hard on anybody. As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to the effects or side effects of getting sick. Maintaining an active retirement and being mindful of health reduces the risk for illness. While there is no magic pill someone could take to prevent all illnesses, regular physical activity helps boost the body's ability to fight off diseases.


A retirement community that provides a holistic health approach for seniors will understand the importance of incorporating movement throughout the everyday routine. This could be anything from strolls inside or outside in the sun to fitness classes or regular stretching. Regular physical activity helps the immune system perform better, and seniors should be mindful of that.

Regular physical activity increases the blood flow around the body. That increased blood flow helps the body fight off germs more effectively. This means the body is better equipped to fight off illnesses, and seniors are not affected by the illness for as long.

While it's true that people of all ages can benefit from more movement in their daily lives, for senior's movement it is essential.

2. Enjoy Favorite Pastimes

When the body is more easily mobile, it is even easier for them to participate in their favorite pastimes and hobbies. You've finally reached the age where you can choose what you want to do for yourself. Why waste any time with compromised health? Your retirement years should be filled with new experiences and things that bring you happiness in life.

Living at a holistic retirement community means having access to a network of support to help you live comfortably and do the things you love to do. One of the top goals of the team is to make sure residents have the energy to participate within the community and reduce possible injury. Age shouldn't be a barrier to doing the things we love, like knitting, golfing, or painting.

An active retirement community provides ample opportunities to make new friends and discover those who have similar interests. Having a network of people to engage with around hobbies provides a new layer to living in a holistic health senior community.

3. Better Mood

Did you know that increased physical activity boosts your mood and happy feelings? That's important for both seniors and their families to keep in mind as they age.

All too often, seniors have increased feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and even stress. All of the uncertainty in their lives and continuous change can cause them to feel isolated. Physical activity, however, gives the body the time and movement it needs to produce mood-boosting hormones; and that is helpful to senior mental health.

Another great addition to an active senior lifestyle: senior mindfulness. Together, they can create a boost in both positive feelings and contentment with one's life. Living in a holistic senior living community offers more opportunities for guided meditation practices, therapy, and learning to cope with stress. Participating in the group activities also provides an additional opportunity to build connections with neighbors.

4. Improved Memory and Retention Skills

An unfortunate side effect of aging is forgetfulness and loss of memory – which can lead to a loss of control. That lack of control is scary for anyone, seniors included. The good news is that studies have shown certain activities and treatments can help slow down the memory decline and hold it off for as long as possible in some cases.

Interestingly, there's a connection between the level of physical activity and memory recall skills. So the more active a senior is, the better chance their brain has for holding on to the information it receives. While exercise is typically thought to be only physically beneficial, the impact on the brain is just as significant.

In addition to physical activity, maintaining an active social life with regular conversations with others provides increased stimulation for the brain. This stimulation is to the brain what weight lifting is to muscle strength. The more you do it, the stronger your brain is and the better endurance it has.

An active senior living community with a holistic approach to health provides opportunities for both physical and social activity on a regular basis.

5. Valuing Relaxation

Life shouldn't be go-go-go all of the time. Living a holistic health lifestyle means finding the time to unwind and relax, to quiet your mind and your stress so that your body and mind have a chance to recuperate.

When you practice a holistic lifestyle that involves physical, social, and mental activity followed by periods of complete relaxation, you're less likely to spend time sitting around a doctor's office. While regular check-ups are still going to be a part of the picture, you're going to have more fun things filling your calendar as well.

Active senior living means having the opportunity to balance out a filled social calendar with time to enjoy the peace and quiet – and doing this the way you prefer. You choose to attend clubs and events or not, cook for yourself, enjoy gourmet meals prepared by the on-site chefs, or go swimming or a fitness class. It's all about choosing to live candidly, live purposefully, and live your way.

6. Positive Mental Health

Mental health is taking a more prominent role in conversations worldwide as people realize the importance of mental well-being as part of the overall health picture. Keeping track of mental health is just as important as physical health, as the two balance each other out and create a balance.

Creating a space where seniors can thrive, be comfortable, cared for, and content with their life is important for positive mental health. This type of environment is the ultimate goal of a holistic health community for seniors. The different levels of care, living options, community activities, fitness opportunities, and more are all built to help seniors retain their independence as long as possible while providing the help they do need.

An active social calendar with a wide variety of activities provides residents with the opportunity to find others with whom they can connect with and open up to. These types of relationships are crucial to maintaining a positive mental health status.

7. Ongoing Education

Exercise isn't solely focused on walks, bike rides, or swimming laps. While physical activity is vital to maintain mobility as the years go by, mentally stimulating activities are just as important. A holistic health approach to retirement years means focusing on both mental and physical activities to keep body and mind as sharp as possible.

An active senior community should provide those mentally stimulating activities with opportunities to build upon existing skills and learn new skills and subjects with ongoing education classes. Hands-on classes (such as art classes), lectures, and even reading or listening to a book are great ways to keep the brain sharp and learn new things. They also shake up the daily rhythm of life, keep things fresh, and give seniors something to look forward to.

8. Stronger Relationships

As parents and loved one's age and the role shifts from child to caregiver, it can be tricky to keep the same positive feelings and relationships. The dynamic shift can end in power struggles as both parties adjust to the changes coming and hard conversations on both sides.

A retirement community with multiple options for providing continuing care shifts the caregiver role onto a qualified and compassionate helper at the community, allowing the child to remain the child and the parent to stay the parent. This allows loved ones to maintain the loving and supportive role they want and need to keep a wholly positive relationship going.

When considering all of the to-dos, checklists, and life responsibilities, what really matters is those we care for. Creating an environment for them to thrive should be at the very top of any list.

Active Retirement Benefits

We spend a lot of our lives working hard to support ourselves, our children, and hopefully retire well. It's time to enjoy the retirement years instead of being bored or lonely. A holistic health approach to active retirement living provides the maximum opportunities to build a content and joyful life.

LivGenerations believes in taking senior living to the next level with a social calendar packed with activities, opportunities to learn new hobbies, and a variety of entertainment for residents to enjoy. And this is all on top of the additional care services, memory care services, and fitness classes available to residents. Get ready to live how you choose.

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