Why Hydration is Important for Seniors in Arizona

Posted on 08/03/2021

If you want your body to run more smoothly, drinking water is an essential part of your day. For those of retirement age that also live where temperatures regularly reach 100 degrees or more, making water drinking a priority is important to keep away dehydration. When was the last time you reached for a glass of water?

There are health benefits to staying hydrated, and you’ll find some of them below, along with tips on staying hydrated.

Hydration for Seniors: Health Benefits

How much water is enough? While the previous estimation was approximately 64 ounces of water a day, new advice has emerged from health experts. Unless otherwise advised by a medical professional, seniors should be drinking half their body weight in ounces of water. So, if you were to weigh 130 pounds, you would need to drink 65 ounces of water to stay hydrated. While that is close to the 64 ounces previously recommended, if someone were to weigh 160 pounds, they wouldn’t be drinking enough water with only 64 ounces.

Why should you take hydration for seniors seriously? These are some health concerns and benefits.

  • Keeping Alert and Your Energy Up: When you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, you can experience tiredness, sluggishness, and lethargy. Drinking water provides one of the major resources your body needs to function properly. Dehydration, on the other hand, has been shown to impact your brain function at even the mildest levels.
  • Managing Constipation: As we age, we may become more likely to develop constipation. If you struggle with constipation, know that you are not alone. Diet is often the first thought solution to relieving constipation, but water can play a major part as well. Drinking water, including water with magnesium in it, can aid and improve the function of your digestive tract.
  • Avoid Headaches: Headaches can be anything from a mild irritation to a debilitating condition. Aside from headache conditions, dehydration is a leading culprit in causing headaches. Drinking water can help relieve some of the symptoms even in the midst of a headache.
  • Maintaining Weight: A healthy weight is important at every age, but especially for seniors. This means more than being toned or fitting into a certain size. A healthy weight, as determined by a medical professional, can lower your chance of developing certain illnesses. Water can help prevent overeating and unnecessary snacking.
  • Kidney Stones: There are few things as physically painful as passing kidney stones. These mineral deposits cause pain by blocking the passages in your kidneys. Drinking sufficient amounts of water can help flush your kidneys and possibly wear down any lingering stones.

When Seniors get Dehydrated

Dehydration in seniors is even more dangerous than for other adults because it can lead to complications and can also be a side effect of some medications. Dehydration can cause impaired brain function, making it difficult to tell when you’re thirsty and leading to additional fatigue.

Dehydration Symptoms for Adults

While some symptoms of dehydration seem more common sense, there are others that may not be general knowledge. Keep reading to learn what the symptoms of dehydration for seniors are.

Thirst, while often the first thing you notice, it’s possible that you’re already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty. You may also notice feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, or disorientation. Oftentimes these can lead to fainting, so be sure to take a seat and obtain some water to drink if they are to occur.

Other physical symptoms of dehydration include rapid heart rate and changes in blood pressure that can also lead to fainting. On the milder side, you may notice headaches and even nausea if you have not consumed enough water for the day.

Listening to your body is important to prevent dehydration and more severe side effects because the warm weather in Phoenix can make it easy to become dehydrated.

Tips for Hydration for Seniors

When you’re busy with your everyday life, it can be easy to forego drinking water in favor of some other seemingly more important task. However, staying hydrated as a senior is essential to getting the energy you need to keep that busy schedule. Here is how you can keep up with your water consumption.

  • Have water nearby. Getting enough to drink is easier when you always have water within reach. When venturing out at any time of the year, fill a reusable water bottle or tumbler to take with you. Keeping water in your vehicle can seem like an easy solution to dehydration, but it’s not recommended. The temperature in your car is hotter than outside, and this extends to anything in your car. Hot water is hard to drink.
  • Make water more tempting. There are many options available to improve the flavor of water if you typically find it hard to drink. The healthiest option is adding popular fruits to infuse their flavor. Bonus, you can freeze them to help cool your water. Some popular options include berries, cucumber with mint, and citrus fruits.
  • Use technology to your advantage. While technology can be frustrating at times, it has some great benefits. Most cell phones allow you to set up multiple alarms to remind you of tasks, events, and taking medications. Set up these reoccurring alarms to remind you to drink water.
  • Print this reminder and place it on your fridge or glasses cabinet. It covers all sorts of benefits of risks of not drinking water to remind you why you should choose water over other dehydrating benefits like coffee and iced tea. Plus, when you download it before 8/26/2021, you can be entered to win a $500 gift card.

It’s important that if you continue to feel dehydrated after drinking water that you speak with your doctor and seek medical attention. They may advise something as simple as drinking electrolyte solution or as immediate as seeking emergency medical attention.

Drinking Enough Water to Stay Hydrated

When you take hydration for seniors seriously, you can maintain your physical well-being and mental health. Dehydration can have some dangerous consequences and prevent you from being happy and having energy. Carry water with you, and make sure to find shade or air conditioning quickly if you begin to feel faint.

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