Transform Your Retirement Suite Into a Real Home

Posted on 01/11/2022

You've put in many years of effort and are on the verge of retirement. You've discovered the ideal location, found your dream retirement home, and you're ready to embrace that stage of your life to the fullest. But that dream home doesn't feel like it belongs to you yet. After a day of exploring your new city or town, eating in wonderful restaurants, and getting to know the places, you pass through the front door only to discover that your house lacks that sensation of being home.

If you're hesitant to decorate or upgrade your luxury retirement home, you aren't alone. Most renters are hesitant to make any modifications to their homes because they are concerned about losing their deposits. But shouldn't the location feel like it's yours for the long run when you'll be spending months or even years there? You may not be the owner of the place outright, but it will be your home for the near future.

You don't have to make major changes and put your deposit at risk to make your luxury retirement home feel like one. We've compiled a list of ideas, techniques, and easy decorating hacks that will help you customize your space. You'll feel like you truly belong when you walk through the door after a busy day of enjoyment.

Add a Personal Touch with Pictures

One of the most effective methods to make your home unique is to hang photographs of your family, friends, and your travels. Surrounding yourself with photos of individuals and places you care about may make your home feel more inviting and pleasant. Even if the property manager allows it, you do not have to drill holes in your leased space. You can get frames to place on side tables, bookshelves, and mantles, but there's only so much room for that.

There are workarounds for this. You may use Command picture hooks and hanging strips to attach the hangers to the walls without damaging them. If you want to move things around, rather than destroying the walls, you may simply pull them down without difficulty, and rearrange things as desired.

Kitchen Carts and Rolling Islands

While you may have the basic items on your kitchen counters, such as a coffee machine and toaster, there may be other things cluttering up room. You won't be able to install additional cabinets or an island, but kitchen carts and rolling islands may offer the solution you need. You'll have no problem finding the perfect fit as there are countless designs, be it a personal touch of style, or one that fits with your kitchen aesthetics.

Getting a kitchen cart is one clever choice since it offers so much more than simple storage space. You can use it to store kitchen utensils, put your countertop décor on top of it. Some even use them as working surfaces! There is no better solution for gaining additional counter space than a kitchen cart.

Use Wall Decals


Personalize Your Resort-style Retirement


Depending on where you reside, the manager may allow you to paint the walls. But painting is a time-consuming and even hazardous undertaking if your ceilings are high. Removable wallpaper can be an alternative to painting but bear in mind that it can carry the same hazards as painting and be difficult to install if you need a ladder or step stool.

Without the danger of tumbling and getting hurt from stools or ladders, wall decals are a fantastic choice. You may remove the decals from walls at any time, much like temporary wallpaper. They're an easy way to personalize any space to your liking.

Liven Up the Place with Plants

While wall decals are a wonderful method to brighten up your place, there are several more creative ways to give it a homey vibe. Plants are a fantastic alternative. Fresh flowers may be kept on display in the bedroom, bathroom, or at the center of your dining room table. A fantastic strategy to bring life into a room is to add potted plants, such as spider plants, ivy, ferns, cacti, or snake plants. There are lots of options when it comes to what will survive in low light or is pet-friendly.‌ Live house plants do more than add color to the room. Did you know that houseplants may benefit your overall health? Air quality, productivity, and mood have all been shown to be enhanced when plants are present. Taking care of them might also aid in reducing loneliness.

Personalize the Place with Your Own Lighting

In most cases, lighting is already present in rented homes. Some places may have modern fixtures installed, while others might have conventional fixtures that don't necessarily improve the overall appearance of a space.

Fortunately, you don't have to replace all of your light fixtures (which is both dangerous and puts your deposit at risk). You may instead personalize any room in your house with a statement desk or floor lamp. These methods not only change the look and feel of your living spaces, but provide light that can make them feel warm, comfy, and inviting.

Use Small Area Rugs to Add Color and Style


Personalize Your Resort-style Retirement


If you don't like the flooring in your house, you might be stumped as to what to do about it. After all, replacing hardwood, tile, or carpeting is not an option. However, a rug can transform the look of the surface.

Area rugs not only provide warmth and softness to a space, when placed on hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, they give a nice cushy and cozy underfoot feel. They also add a lot of color, personality, and warmth to the room. With so many sizes, colors, and patterns to pick from, you will find it easy to find one that fits with your style and tastes. There are some that you can just throw in the washing machine!

Look for Accent Pieces that Offer Storage Space

Do you need some new furnishings? If that's the case, here's a tip. While looking for the perfect accent pieces to match your own style, search for ones that may also be used as storage space. One example is a coffee table with a second shelf beneath the tabletop. Others may open up to reveal a spot for blankets. Nightstands and end tables might have an open compartment or drawers. Furniture that doubles as storage provides an additional area for decorating or storing things that are cluttering up surfaces. They can match utility and looks!

Make Shelves out of Books

Do you have books strewn about your home with nowhere to put them on the shelves? You may give books a secondary function by making stacks of varied heights and using them as makeshift decorative shelves, regardless of whether you intend to reread them.

The appeal of this short-term design concept is that you may arrange your book stacks however you like. Place them above your fireplace, coffee table, or end tables for a unique look. They could also be a lot of fun to put together. For example, one stack might include contemporary novels, while the other might feature technical texts. In addition, if you wish to revisit a novel, you may remove one from the shelf and replace it later. It's an excellent way to store your books without having to buy another big bookcase. ‌

Play with the Hardware

OK, so this advice entails making a physical change in your home. However, it's a simple adjustment that you can reverse simply and quickly. It may truly enhance the appearance and ambiance of a room.

Change the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All you need is a screwdriver and new hardware to begin. You may find several alternatives at the hardware store that better match your design aesthetic.If you're considering this option but are hesitant, talk to your property manager. They'll tell you whether it's permissible to swap out the drawer knobs and cabinet handles before you spend money on them. And remember to keep the old screws in case you want to revert the changes when the time comes.

Make Some Changes to Feel at Home

When you live in a rental home, it's easy to be afraid to make any modifications. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot of money or lots of work to transform your luxury retirement living space into something that feels more like you.

You'll never have to worry about losing your security deposit or paying for repairs if you use these short-term decorating ideas. Furthermore, because the changes aren't permanent, you may make them at any time and as many times as you like. You may make adjustments quickly and simply if your preferences change, you wish to rearrange things, or you enjoy decorating seasonally. And hey, you never know when interior design might become a new pastime for you!